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On a daily, I don’t look the way I do in pictures. Makeup, lighting, Photoshop, camera magic; all these beautifying tools play a part. I’ll be the first to admit I’m flawed , and also the first to embrace that all my flaws don’t define who I am.

I love makeup. I love being able to play around with colours, transform how I look, highlight my best features, and camouflage my flaws. Makeup to me, is a form of art. It doesn’t mean I’m insecure or out to impress people.

Likewise I am able to walk out of my house completely bare faced like I do to work on a daily. I literally wake up like this; dark circles, eye-bags (designer ones by the way 😉 ) & my less than perfect skin. I reserve my made up face for shoots, events and date-nights. On other days, I allow my skin to breathe and that doesn’t make me a slob. I’m comfortable regardless to what face I have on.

Everyone has different opinions of what beauty is or what it should be. What’s beautiful to me, may not be beautiful to you. The constant struggle to fit beauty standards is exhausting and quite frankly, I gave up trying to impress anyone but myself sometime back. Because we live in a world where outward appearances have more impact than actual substance. You can’t change society but you can change how you look at yourself & the people around you.

Besides, your looks are a combination of what your parents created. & there’s nothing more beautiful than looking in the mirror, knowing you look like two people who love you endlessly, flaws and all.

& on days you forget that;