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Woke up to an early morning short photoshoot where I got to play a mermaid with long, beautiful ombre blue hair;IMG_20140615_103956I previously purchased the extensions from Supermodel’s Secrets, but never got to wear them until now. Seriously though, look how pretty!;IMG_20140615_104541It would have looked more realistic if I have flat ironned my hair, but since I had it slicked back in a pony, it worked just fine. It was the dip-dye extension in Color S02 (straight). They even have a variety of curly hair ones & even different colour combinations. Itching to get a pink & purple combination for another shoot.

You can check them out here;
SS gallery: 1st Floor, 41A, Jln SS 15/4B Subang jaya
MOBILE (SMS/Whatsapp): +6 016 280 1990
INSTAGRAM: @Supermodels_Secrets

At night, I had the opportunity to enjoy watching a movie under the stars. The idea really appealed to me; to be able to bring mats and pillows and have them strewn across the grass, while enjoying the stars above and fresh air, good company & great food. And of course, a brilliant movie.

They were showing The Sound of Music. A personal favourite and a classic you can’t go wrong with. The bestfriendloverperson and I ended up singing along to most of the songs while indulging in Burger Bakar Kaw Kaw & Crazy Potatoes. Free food by the way, with the Samsung Galaxy Life app (which is brilliant by the way!);

IMG_20140616_003926The Starlight Cinema will be going on until Saturday, the 21st of June. So here’s your chance to enjoy this experience (like I did!). There’s also a Batman marathon going on. Check out the details here; http://starlightcinema.com.my/