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I love waking up to surprises! Especially it forms of art 😀
Illustrated artwork & costume design by the talented fashion designer Hariharan of Ardana Haran.

Combining his personal style of drawing and designing, to incorporate my love for mermaids and adding one of my handmade dreamcatchers to his design. Or to quote him “All I did was draw the real inner you, Ardana Haran style”. This was the result of that;
10330455_762539713798883_2533669436604972558_nHarry and I studied together & after college, he went on to working on many different projects (such as myself). He ventured into his own brand, Ardana Haran (creating beautiful dresses & also, doing makeup;
10497401_479746822159342_1038489217446454240_oBest known for infusing elements of the tradition Indian costumes and customs into his work. Here’s a sample of his collection that’s my favourite: Saree dresses;76708_224313617702665_455414797_nAlso, he does makeup. We even collaborated on a photoshoot where I had to be an Indian bride & he worked on tying the saree, doing my hair as well as the makeup;1604701_10151926362397058_1153028729_nNot too bad for an Indian bride ey? 😉 #aintnoindianwifey
Enough about me, check out his page for more of his work!