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As a birthday gift, I went on a beach vacation to Cherating, Kuantan (a detailed post on that soon! Promise!). One of my favourite activities to do as I stroll along the beach and enjoy the sea breeze is to collect seashells. Something I’ve been doing since I was a child, but this time around with a different purpose, to infuse into my designs.

Previously in attempts to create holes in my seashells, I have managed to break and destroy quite a number of beautiful ones. This time around, I actually went looking for shells with holes in them;


Certain species of sea creatures feed on these oysters and clams. Using their sharp, drill-like tongue enables them to create a perfect hole in the shell and suck out their meal inside. Ta-daa! Perfectly drilled holes in your seashells.IMG_20140719_122842 I’ve come across these shells ample of times, only to dismiss them as imperfect and proceed to pick up another one. How wrong I was. These seashells with holes not only saves me the trouble of drilling holes (& possibly breaking the shells as they are so delicate) but also, saves up so much time! The day right after I got back from my trip, I was immediately inspired to make a necklace for myself and all in a matter of minutes!Β 
IMG_20140716_235405IMG_20140716_234857The perfect mermaid jewelry, minus all the fuss. Next time I’m at the beach, I know exactly what seashells I want to look for. The imperfect ones πŸ™‚