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I was treated to a beach vacation for my birthday. Due to time constraints, we headed to Cherating instead of an island which was the initial plan. To be completely honest, my expectations of the place wasn’t high but the entire trip turned out really pretty great šŸ™‚

We stayed at The Legend’s hotel, which rates were fairly cheap for a big room and an ocean view. Unfortunately during the Ramadhan period where all the Muslims were fasting meant that there was no food places open during lunch time and we had to drive out quite a bit to eat (very average) Chinese food. On the plus side, the bazaar food was amazing and cheap! Nasi kukus, & keropok lekor are definitely a must there.

Besides that, a whole lot of strolling by the beach took place. The water was fairly clean, but not clear. This mermaid did not swim.


Not because I’m a water-snob (okay, I really am!) but more like because;IMG_20140713_200930It was infested with jellyfish! So many types, shapes and sizes *shudders. It was pretty difficult to be tempted to even walk in the water or allow the waves to crash against your feet as you walk, constantly in fear of getting stung.Ā IMG_20140716_100920IMG_20140715_200535IMG_20140714_202151I did however enjoy walking in the sand in search for sea-shell and other treasures (like that piece of rainbow I found!) & take pictures of my accessories. I packed a batch of sea and mermaid-inspired jewelry to photograph by the beach. I work even when on holiday, it can’t be helped!IMG_20140715_180912


The highlight of my entire trip was when I went to see turtles at Pantai Teluk Mak Nik, Kemaman, Terengganu. From my hotel, it was a 20 minutes drive. Our turtle tour guide, was this man named Pak Su. I’d definitely recommend his services if anyone wants to go look at turtles as he was really informative, witty and obliging. I must have asked a million questions, and he patiently explained.

I saw a female Green Turtle lay eggs & that is truly something I never thought I’d have the privilege to see. According to Pak Su, it’s called green due the colour of their fat under the shell. We were advised against using flash to take pictures or videos to not distress the turtle as she laid her eggs. Once she was done, and started covering her nest we were allowed to photograph and even touch her. Look at this beauty!

IMG_20140717_010037She layed 91 eggs. All of which were collected by the rangers and taken to the hatchery to ensure their safety and survival.Ā IMG_20140714_234715

At the end of the visit, each visitor was given 2 baby turtles to release (which I named Snaffy & Snuggles). Seriously, how cute is this little fella?! I kept baby-talking them as they squirmed impatiently to be released. About 300 baby turtles are released almost every night, however one a handful survive. Another interesting fact, is that the baby turtles follow the light into the sea (usually by the moon) but for those of us with handphones and flashlights, we were allowed to help assist by shining the light for them to find their way to the ocean šŸ™‚

All in all, best birthday ever! It was truly an amazing experience being able to witness and be a part of something like this. To top it all off;IMG_20140714_002315Moet & Chandom Ice Imperial, a semi dec style of champagne that is meant to be served with ice, unlike the usual. So incredibly delish!