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I’m constantly on the hunt for ways to improve my skin. I’ve said it one too many times, I have incredibly difficult (which is a nicer way for saying ‘crappy’ skin!). Mostly I use natural and organic ingredients on my skin, as well as whip up my own masks. However on days I don’t do the mask, I use the Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion Set.IMG_20140731_102502

To be honest, the main reason I got it was because I wanted the Clarisonic but my bank balance wouldn’t permit spending so much (atleast not yet). This was highly recommended by several friends & also beauty and makeup gurus online who felt the same way (about spending!) & got some really good results.

After trying it out for the past three weeks, obvious results can be seen after 2 weeks of using it, depending on what type of skin you have. I doubt I’m going to splurge on a Clarisonic anytime soon 🙂 IMG_20140731_102237

What comes in the set is the two types of brush heads & two cleansers. My favourite is definitely the foam head & the Thermal Crystal Polisher which is used to exfoliate your skin. It is advisable to use it twice a week, non-consecutive days which is great on my end because I can still use my organic masks for different skin problems. The crystal beads actually heats up, so you can feel the warmth as it does a proper and through cleansing, said to be 7 times better than a regular scrub. However, do not over exfoliate, the more sensitive your skin is the less time you should use it.

The other brush, I use almost on a daily. You can choose your speed level based on your skins needs. I usually stick to the slowest speed (for lighter cleansing) on non makeup days, and a more advanced speed for a deep clean on days I wear makeup. I thought I used to get all my makeup off when I used my makeup remover (double dose) & washing my face, but I was so wrong. Using this brush, it is really obvious how much makeup remains on the skin even after all that.

Using the Pro-X Microdermabrasion, you’ll see a noticeable improvement in the appearance of fine lines, radiance, brightness and pores. After several uses, it brightens dark spots and evens out your skin tone. Visible improvements,

Washing my face with my hands? No, thank you. I’ll stick to this more effective method 🙂

I got my Olay Pro-X Microdermabrasion from Supermodel’s Secrets; Click HERE!

Alternatively you can check out all these links for what else they have in store, you won’t be disappointed! 🙂

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