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Lord Ganesha is probably one of the best-known and worshipped Hindu gods. Others may know him as the elephant god as Ganesha has an elephant’s head. Being the remover of obstacles, I’ve always had a personal liking to Ganesha especially since my mom would make an effort to make a stop at the Ganesha temple every morning before going to work, or my dad would always drive past the temple to pray in whenever he left the house. Ganesha has always been a favourite in my household, and that rubbed off on me.

I’m probably not the most religious person, but I believe that my prayers and thoughts on it are between me and god. This however is a completely different story all together. Coming back to Ganesha, I’ve made dreamcatchers incorporating him in them and the response has been overwhelming. I take this as a sign of blessing;IMG_20140904_135800IMG_20140904_153236IMG_20141028_230053I love how I was able to incorporate something that was significant to my life and learn that it was equally as significant to others. The first one I made was completely by chance (exactly how most of my designs come to life) and I am so happy to have had this idea come to me.