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I absolutely hate it when my favourite bags get slightly torn or dirty to the extend that it can’t be fixed. If it is still use-able but just not as pretty, give it a makeover & add a little life to it! Here’s how I repurposed one of my bags;

DSC_0069This pretty lavender bag has a faulty ribbon that was already at the verge of falling off & I also lost the straps. Rummaging through my accessory drawer, I found a statement necklace I love but the chains had rusted a little;


Combining both accessories, I created something brand new & trendy!

DSC_0075Things you need: 
Statement necklace (recycled or brand new)
Clutch or bag
Elephant glue or any other really string glue
Pliers (to remove the chains from the necklace)

Step One: Remove the chains from your necklace. Keep them aside, it can be used for other repurposing.
Step Two: Place the statement piece on your bag. If its a bag with flaws, try to use it to cover all that.
Step Three: Add glue to the back of the statement piece like such; DSC_0076Step Four: Paste it on the bag and place it under a heavy object, such as a book. This will ensure the piece sticks on properly. Leave it overnight to dry and you are done!

DSC_0050DSC_0045Look how chic this is. & all without spending 🙂