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10713001_10152460982537058_3288137128200371563_nRudraksha beads are a material that can be considered a type of semi-precious stone of sorts. It is used in both Hinduism and Buddhism for prayer as well as meditation purposed to sanctify the mind, body and soul. Based on a legend, Lord Shiva was in a deep state of meditation; reaching a different level of fulfillment, he opened his eyes, shedding a single tear from which the rudraksha tree grew. Therefore it is believed that the seeds of this tree are a protection from Lord Shiva as well as quite a number medical and meditation benefits.

Quite a few people who saw that I was using these Rudraksha beads in my designs told me they weren’t meant for women as it was considered a taboo. This sparked my interesting to further seek answers if there were any prohibition for the Rudraksha seeds as I’ve been using them in my designs for sometime now and want to continue doing so. I got this response & it was exactly what I thought. Therefore I decided to share;

“Do not let what someone tells you, sway you or give you doubts about women wearing the rudraksha. Anyone on earth can wear it. The need to wear or worship the rudraksha is a sign of blessing from Lord Shiva during the preceding births (this is quoted in one of the ancient scripture).

There is no Shiva without Shakti, likewise the other way around. Hence Shiva & Shakti are one hence the same. Lord Shiva does not discriminate between men and women, caste, race, religion, colour or background. God is available to all who aspire. So is the Rudraksha.”

I feel the same way when people wear anything with a religious background of sorts, like an Ohm symbol or a Buddha pendant. I truly believe that if it is not worn with ill-intentions but with an open heart, it shouldn’t be taken as offensive. Of course there are limitation, but I think it all boils down the the basic fundamentals of a person.

That’s just my opinion & I’m just glad I’ve met so many like-minded people in the process of looking for answers.