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As a kid, I always loved those temporary stick on tattoos. You know, the kind you get from a pack of gum with really cute designs of cartoons and stuff? Yup, those. I thought they were super cool.

As an adult, I finally got inked. After that painful and amazing experience, I never thought I’d ever, ever go back to liking temporary tattoos again. I was dead wrong because temporary tattoos now come in the form of flash tattoos which inked tattoos can’t provide. Sometimes a girl just needs a little bling 😉

Infusing foil-like shiny, these tattoos are inspired by jewelry. They’ve been trending like crazy online, and I absolutely fell in love with how pretty they were. And then it happened… Beyonce, the queen herself, started rocking them! yonce

I’ve been searching high and low for these gorgeous temporary tattoos in Malaysia & found Shiny Happy PeopleshappyShappy (short for Shiny Happy People, how cute!)tattoos is fairly new and comes in limited designs for now. Regardless, I’m already a fan and bought two packs for myself 🙂


Perfect for that beach vacation or even music festival as they are water-resistant & long lasting (with special care).

Here are some easy steps and useful tips to follow when putting on a temporary tattoo;

  1. Peel off the plastic surface that protects the tattoo and choose a spot on the body you’d like to stick it on. Flatter surfaces and also parts of the body that require least moving/stretching is ideal if you want it to last longer.
  2. Make sure the image is face down when you place it. Also, due to it’s sticky nature, make sure you are positive about the spot you want to stick it on.
  3. Once it’s stuck on, use a wet tissue or cloth to gently wipe over the back of the tattoo. Hold it on for several seconds (preferably more than 15).
  4. Hold a corner and slowly peel off the paper. Make sure it’s done slowly to avoid the tattoo design from moving (since its still wet) or even for pieces that are still stuck to the paper, you can still fix it by sponging it again and waiting for a longer period of time.
  5. When that’s done, allow your tattoo to dry. It’s still mildly stick, so you can either just gently dab it with your fingers so the stickiness wears off, or you can dust it with talcum powder. Also, don’t move that part around until it settles down in order to avoid the design from tearing.
  6. To remove, you can use baby oil & give it a good scrub. IMG_20141001_204252

Look how pretty! I love how it stands out against my dark skin. I can’t wait to try them all out! Also since Deepavali is around the corner, instead of the traditional henna, this year I’m looking forward to rocking these 🙂

Here’s another picture just because I wanted to show it off again :3IMG_20141001_204434Get your own set at Shiny Happy People! <— click it!