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Subang Jaya Medical Centre organized a Breast Cancer Awareness in Subang Parade. The whole idea of the event was to not only spread awareness and educate the public on breast cancer, it was also to collect donations for cancer-related organizations and of course, the celebrate the survivors and pay respects to those who lost the battle.
pic01827Here’s where Deeper Than Fashion came in. I was approached by them to sponsor some of my handmade jewellery for the Jewellery Fashion show. My models were breast cancer survivors. Most of them were older women and I was completely blown away with their zest for life!

Through the first meeting (which I attending completely not ready for what I was about to experience) until the last catwalk, they were upbeat, optimistic and a fun bunch to be around. Their energy was infectious and to be honest, being around them was purely inspiring.

For someone who really, really loves pink I didn’t have anything in my wardrobe. So to show support I donned super hot pink lips from the NYX Matte collection:
IMG_20141011_181343 The models were required to wear white, so I blended in with them 🙂IMG_20141011_201024

I had to plan out a batch of accessories for these lovely ladies, while also juggling my job and pending orders. Due to it being a last minute commitment, I had to ask several customers if they were willing to loan me their dreamcatchers for my survivor models to wear. The response from my customer, were overwhelming :’)

I also opted for different designs and colour waves to show that each individual is unique and that their colours did not dull regardless to the challenges they’ve faced. The one thing they all had in common was the words that I added on the dreamcatchers. Words of encouragement and motivation I knew they held on to through these trying times. IMG_20141011_220809

My lovely models & their catwalk moment:IMG_20141013_075632IMG_20141013_075716I want to thank all these ladies for being such good sports, inspiring me to work harder and complain less because I should be grateful for my health and all that I can do with it. They were such amazing, strong women. Each with kind words of encouragement for me and wishes that I’ll hold dear to my heart.

Having lost my mom to cancer, I take this cause to heart and encourage everyone to live life to their fullest. Best advice I’ve received, ever.

Also a special thank you to the wonderful organizers who were so incredibly sweet and accommodating;PhotoGrid_1413158255097This is an experience I’ll cherish for always.