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Last year around this time, I blogged about how I turned a pack of bindis/pottus into moon shaped ones (CLICK ME! for the tutorial).

I still have the same batch of bindis lying around, and decided it was time to get crafty yet again. This time, with some colour & bling!

Let’s start off with some colour;

IMG_20141012_000347Β All you need is the nail polish colours of your choice and a pack of plain bindis. Just colour the bindis with the nail polish and leave them to dry fully. Keep in mind that lighter colours require several layers, so this has to be done a few days in advance before you get to wear it. What a cute way to match your bindis to your outfits and even, nails πŸ˜‰

& now, for some bling-bling!

IMG_20141012_000657Paint a coat of nail polish over the plain bindi & sprinkle glitter on it. Press it down to make sure the glitter sticks well to the polish. Leave it to dry, after which you add another layer of nail polish on the glitter to keep it from falling off.

Another one you can try is:

IMG_20141012_000500Same method as the previous one applies. Just paint one layer of nail polish onto the bindi, and immediately paste embellishments on it. I absolutely love pearls and haven’t found nice pearl bindis, so this was a perfect way I could do it myself! For this however, I wouldn’t recommend going over it again with another layer of nail polish unless you want it extra shiny.

This way you get to have an entire revamped bindi set of your own without spending (or hardly spending!) any money πŸ™‚ Definitely my favourite kind of DIYs πŸ˜‰