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With Diwali being around the corner, I decided to get crafty and create my own signature pieces for my home decorations. I usually work on small details and aspects of design that I hope makes a big difference.

Last year I made my own DIY Rhinestone kollam, this year I decided to reuse the kollam but add in more colours by adding handpainted oil lamps. Light is significant in Hinduism as it signifies goodness. Hence during the Festival of Light (Diwali) oil lamps are lit.

Plain clay oil lamps can be found in many Indian stores, especially around Klang or Brickfields (where I got mine!) are so easy to find. It was fun using a different medium as a canvas to channel my art. The end results were satisfying 🙂

Of colours & doodles;

IMG_20141014_231225IMG_20141016_234322IMG_20141014_234159 I was worried about using oil as it would ruin all that hard work, so I used tealight candles instead. I also attempted to turn mason jars into candle holders/lantern.

I got plain jars, then tinted them in colours of my choice & proceeded to doodles on them as well. Here’s a sample of one of it I tinted in emerald green and doodles with gold;554495_825675027485351_2749005704224037176_nThis however was a tricky DIY that took a lot of effort and time. Also, the colouring process is incredibly messy. I ended up with tie-dye coloured hands for a day or two.

But hey, who’s complaining? Rainbow hands 🙂