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Previously I wrote about Shiny Happy People an online store that sold metallic temporary tattoos. A few people who checked out the page, sent me a message saying they didn’t have the intricate henna design that I was rocking. Here’s where they were wrong, it’s all there; just mixed and matched!

Being huge fan of all that bling, I have quite a collection; IMG_20141117_105649What I do is cut out separate pieces; IMG_20141117_105724 & arrange how I’d like to create the design in my head. You can also catch and attach (kind of like a puzzle) to get a rough idea of how you’d like it to look.

I then start pasting it on with water. As you can see, it’s been cut to fit my finger specifically;IMG_20141117_105814Just a whole lot of cutting and pasting, like a collage & the end result is gorgeous; IMG_20141117_105852It was such a hit during Diwali. People kept loving how my ‘henna’ looked all decked out and glamorous. This would also be a great alternative for brides! Henna that’ll look great in pictures as well as be a real style-changer to the traditional bridal look.