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My weekends are reserved mostly for updating this website, working on accessories, taking pictures of them and having to cue them for sales the following week. Running your own business and being a perfectionist means having do everything yourself from scratch. As much as it’s tiring, I love it and wouldn’t have it any other way 🙂

That also means limited time to go out to get my hair done. I was beyond thrilled when Supermodels Secrets stocked up on Manic Panic semi-permanent hair dye. Before getting my hair coloured, I read up many articles on hair dyes and most sites recommend Manic Panic. This was a perfect opportunity for me to try it out;z3iu

Staying true to my mermaid self, I opted for turquoise & purple yet again. But this time, I was going to do it myself. The end result, was fairly impressive (if I do say so myself);

PhotoGrid_1416127012290The before & after!

I previously had it bleached professionally and the tedious part about coloured hair is that it fades really quick. So glad I now have these jars of Manic Panic hair dye to last me quite awhile. It’s quite messy to do on my own, but I’ll manage 🙂 Gloves, an old towel and a t-shirt you don’t mind messing up are essential.

Of course along with the Manic Panic hair dye, I was tempted to buy other beauty and makeup products as well. This time around I got makeup palettes (my old one broke) and a set of brushes. IMG_20141116_163957I had to have these once I saw them because I constantly need to come up with new makeup ideas and creative makeup for shoots, even if its something as simple as taking pictures of myself in the accessories I need to upload for sale. Yes, I’m my own brand model and makeup artist as well 😉 Jane of all trades, is I!

This week I worked on a simple mermaid inspired look for the intricate coral necklaces I had in store. The pigments from the eyeshadow was amazing once I applied two layers (one was too light on my skin!), however it lasted really long. The brushes were super soft and gentle on my skin!

The end look; IMG_20141116_163451Besides the mermaid inspired eye makeup and nude lips, I stuck on pearl detailing to the side of my face for a more glam mermaid feel. To blend it in, I softly brushed on silver eyeshadow;  IMG_20141116_163238IMG_20141116_163412The whole look worked perfectly with the jewelry; PhotoGrid_1416127410022PhotoGrid_1416127353571

Since I do my shopping on the site once a month, it seemed only fair that I share this information once again;

Website store: http://www.supermodel2u.com
Blog: http://www.supermodels-secrets.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/Supermodel2u
Instagram: @Supermodels_Secrets

Also, do check out Deeper Than Fashion for the accessories! 🙂