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Having done over hundred of dreamcatchers, there are always themes that seem to make me want to recreate them in a different way. Here was a previous Yin & Yang design I worked on.

The concept was fairly simple, but I handpainted the feathers to look like the beautiful symbol;10639685_10152460759732058_4216526022264258195_nIt’s been long overdue & this design has been swimming around in my head for awhile now, I finally took the time to create it. My revamped Yin & Yang dreamcatcher; 10262130_10152495762037058_7882053004152114310_nThe Yin & Yang is an ancient symbol of balance and harmony. I used two healing crystal beads for this design. A moonstone and a labradorite (both my favourites!).

The moonstone enhances intuition. promotes inspiration, brings success in love and business & the labradorite is known to enhance strength of will and helps assist when faced with changes as well as challenges.

Can’t wait to start using more healing crystals and gemstones in my work. I love how it has more meaning and purpose behind it than it being just wearable art.