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As much as I love to create magic, I like finding pieces of magic or as I’d like to call them my ‘travel treasures’ to share on Deeper Than Fashion. These elephant treasures were definitely a crowd favourite;
eleDouble Elephant Bracelets &;10419986_10152508008472058_5202622338295742399_nEle Hug rings. How cute are these elephant rings that wrap around your finger, giving it a little hug?! 🙂

I also managed to find pieces that I can infuse into my own creations. Like this cameo Ganesha; IMG_20141031_132238& of course, no post is complete without my customised Ganesha dreamcatchers. These have been a constant hit and the orders for these haven’t slowed down one bit;IMG_20141107_140151IMG_20141030_121038IMG_20141116_213027Sometimes I get orders without a price limit & I can let my creativity fully take over. Like I did with this gold Ganesha piece; IMG_20141122_185634The blessings keep coming in abundance & I’d like to take a moment to thank the Universe for all it’s blessings.