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Septum rings have been around since centuries, dating back to several cultures including Indian culture. From rural parts of India, Nepal and so on, to the high fashion pages of magazines, septum rings seem to be a hit with celebrities like Lady Gaga & Rihanna (both of whom I love in term of style);

1 2I needed to give the look a try but didn’t want to invest in a real one, or an expensive faux one. DIY it was, & it was super easy to make as well;

IMG_20141123_162105I used an old midi ring I never used before ( I think it’s from H&M), some silver beads & UHU glue.

Step One: I cut the midi ring and adjusted it to see how it would fit to look good as a septum ring.
Step Two: Once I was happy with the size, I added a few beads to the middle of it & added two beads (with UHU glue) to cover up the opening so it wouldn’t be sharp.
Step Three: I left it to dry overnight, and that was it! 🙂
IMG_20141123_162144IMG_20141123_160725I tried on several ways to style my personal look with the septum ring I made, including using bindis. This is another classic Indian style that seems to be making a re-apperance in the fashion world; 

This post seems to be focusing on quite a number of trends, & it doesn’t stop here. This one includes a makeup trend called the Bling Brow. It’s basically self-adhesive crystals that is used either above, under or on the eyebrows to add some glam to your eye makeup. The price however, is really steep.

My alternative? Bindis! It’s the same concept. In fact, Indian brides have been doing this since forever. I had previously purchased two packs of bindis for RM10 each, from Brickfields;IMG_20141123_162223IMG_20141123_162018If the adhesive at the back isn’t sticky anymore, you can add some eyelash glue and re-use it again.

& now I absolutely need to get proper faux septum rings. I can’t wait to rock this look 🙂