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November is usually a busy month as I prepare for my Deeper Than Fashion Christmas collection & this year is no different. I’ve been preparing my usual packaging of DIY Rudolph paper bags and also decided I had to work on a do-it-yourself for Christmas inspired statement jewelry.

And here’s what I came up with:  1Things you’ll need:

– Scissors
– A pack of decorative ornament balls (Daiso at RM5)
– Recycled string (Daiso at RM5)
– Elepant glue (optional)

Step One: Cut up the string in 6 pieces. I didn’t exactly measure it. Basically what I did was stretch my hands with the string in it to get similar lengths. Remember, these 6 strings will be tied in half!

Step Two: Loop it and tie a knot at the end (as shown in picture). Ensure that one of your ornaments can go through it.
3Step Three: You’ll need to start braiding the string. Make sure you have a proper place to loop the string as it’ll make the braiding process so much easier! I used my computer table;

4Step Four: Start braiding! In this example, I’ve only used two strings (easier to follow), however I used 6 for the final result, so please use 6 as well. 5Step Five: Measure the string around your neck to see where you’d like to start adding the ornaments. You can do a full ornament necklace, side one or a middle one like I did.

Once you’ve done that, start stringing in your ornaments as you braid. Remember: String ornament, overlap with two brands & then next ornament. This will ensure proper spacing (like mine!). You can however leave it to your creativity 🙂   6Step Six: Once you are done and satisfied with how it looks, finish it off with an ornament & this time tie several knots to ensure it is really, really secure!

Add some glue to the knots for extra security!7Step Seven: Cut off excess string and you are completely done!910There you have it! A little something handmade to wear on Christmas that’s completely your own! You can add other ornaments like stars, beads, pearls and such. Let your creativity flow 🙂

I had additional ornaments left, so I decided to tie them to my hair tie; 11How cute are these?! I’m pretty sure they’ll look amazing with a snowflake or mistletoe as well 🙂

Can’t wait to wear these for Christmas! 🙂