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Art comes in millions of forms, however it’s definitely a form of magic. There is no limit to types of art you can pick up; always new techniques, colours and hues, types of skill, tool, it’s endless.

As much as I take pride in my wearable art a.k.a the jewelry I make, I sometimes need a little artistic getaway to expand my horizons. The end result this time around, new painting of Ganesha inspired by pictures I found on Tumblr.
PhotoGrid_1417533465568These were both done using different styles. PhotoGrid_1417535397681Acrylic paint on canvas with water base. The Ganesha was drawn with a Sharpie and copic markers to add gradients & shades. PhotoGrid_1417562644677Basic acrylic on canvas in a rainbow gradient. The Ganesha was drawn in a stencil style using a Sharpie.