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I’ve being attempting several DIYs for Christmas using recycle-able materials & one that I’ve always found really gorgeous are tinted mason jars. Being an avid Pinterest addict, I’ve read several do-it-yourself guides & decided to give it a shot after scouting for the materials myself. IMG_20141217_200923

Materials you need:
– Mason jars (empty glass bottles)
– Mod Podge glue (from ArtFriend)
– Food colouring of choice.
Step One: Mix mod podge and two drops of food colouring into clean, empty jar. The amount of mod podge is based on jar size, however you can plan according to how much you deem fitting for full coverage of the bottle.IMG_20141217_201003
Step two: Slowly rotate the glass jar so the mixture covers all surfaces of the glass. Make sure you do it slowly and gently to avoid leaving spots. The key is to not use too much paint because it drips and also don’t attempt to fix it or repaint if messed up as it’ll leave streaks. To avoid this, ensure the mouth of the jar is facing the bottom.
Step Three: Leave it to dry for 24 hours. I usually use wax paper or just leave it in my sink. Once dried, it gets transparent, like a glue with colour. IMG_20141217_201228
Step Four: Turn it over and leave it out in the sun for extra measures. You can never be too careful! Or if you are unhappy with the earlier result, just throw it in some warm soap water and you can wash it out. IMG_20141217_201459
Step Five: You are done! You can now use it for your fairy lights, or even as a candle holder. It is also durable to heat, so you can place the candle in the jar and it’ll stay exactly as it dried. This is however not water soluble, so do not attempt to use water in it.  IMG_20141217_201539IMG_20141217_201635Alternatively, here are more mason jar ideas that are so lovely I had to share! Do click on the picture to redirect to the original links;
Looking at the world through rainbow tinted jars,
Harmini Asokumar