Christmas is said to be the most wonderful time of year, and though in terms of religion I don’t celebrate it, being Malaysian means having the perks to celebrate any festive you want to 😉 & this year, I was blessed to be a part of a completely different celebration with The Butterfly Project Malaysia at the 1Utama Christmas Media Launch.

Transported back to my childhood and reminiscence of an old classic Disney feel (think Bambi!), the whole place was decorated to look like a rustic woodland with cute critters dressed for Christmas! My favourite part is that the whole place was done in such a tasteful manner using a lot of crafty materials 🙂
PhotoGrid_1417653317030IMG_20141204_083610IMG_20141204_084100The crafter in me obviously needed to pay key attention to these details. A lot of paper, felt and fabric was used. My favourite was the little snow details done on the trees using makeup sponges! IMG_20141204_083923IMG_20141203_195249After registration which was done by our very own Mamasan Butterfly, Tammy Miu, we were treated to an area where we could personalize our own key chain; IMG_20141206_134527

Juize By Five allowed us to choose a strap color, one charm of our choice (sticking to the Christmas theme, I chose a snowflake!) and decide what we wanted to write on the keychain. However there was a word limit of 6 words, hence I opted for my nickname instead.

PhotoGrid_1417653293357The launch was done by the VIPs in attendance including Tan Sri Dato Teo Chiang Kok who is the director of 1 Utama. Before that, he gave us a brief speech on the idea behind the concept and theme, giving everyone in attendance a better perspective of the rustic wonderland theme.

We were then graced by performances by The Loving Gaia Musical. They were both entertaining and had such fantastic voices and flair for acting. Definitely a worthy watch! Before calling it a day, we were treated to a hi-tea courtesy of Betjeman & Barton. This fantastic French brand kept to the theme and impressed us with some yummy Christmas goodies;


Of course no event with the lovely butterflies is ever complete without me taking a groufie! IMG_20141204_170951A special shout to lovely Vanessa Chong for giving me and my handmade necklace a shoutout on the mic! Completely humbled she liked my wearable art;IMG_20141203_192736Here’s what I wore, because it’s a must 🙂 PhotoGrid_1417607648280PhotoGrid_1417606481076IMG_20141203_192848Wishing everyone a whimsical magical Christmas! May your days be filled with love, light and laughter to last you a lifetime 🙂

Embracing my inner Disney princess,
Harmini Asokumar