Welcoming a brand new year with arms wide open. Hello; 20141230_091127As the year comes to an end & I flip through the pages of 2014, I’m filled with a sense of melancholy of sorts and am in awe of how time really does change everything. It’s a circle of life that happens on a yearly yet never seems to stop surprising me, be it good or bad.

This year was a blessing. A year I learnt to let go of unnecessary negative energy as well as people, making more time to focus on the good things life had to offer and the amazing people around me. By doing this, I learnt to absorb all the light (and right) energy. The law of attraction is as real as it gets, and the Universe took pride in proving it to me on repeat throughout the year.

This year I learnt to leave my past behind, to be more independent, to try new things and learn new types of art, to feed my soul by travelling and discovering places, cultures and people who I’ll forever be thankful for. I took the time for myself to learn about myself, and what it was that truly made me happy.

All it took was starting my year of by facing a simple fear I always had: to eat alone. By doing this simple task, I became more self assured, less wanting validation. From there on, everything else fell into place.

This year, I found out who my true friends were, and fell in love with the most amazing person with the purest heart. That on it’s own, I consider myself the luckiest. I am however, incredibly thankful for my past. Without the storm, there would be no rainbow. All the lessons, trials and errors have been blessings in disguise.

I don’t know what 2015 holds, but I do know I’ll make the best of it trying to be a better me than I was a year ago. Here’s to more happiness, love, art & lessons to learn.

Ready for a new year of adventures,
Harmini Asokumar