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I’ve been reading up on home remedies, and this particular one seems to be trending. The coffee scrub takes away scars, cellulite and stretch marks! The caffeine in the coffee increases circulation that causes skin to appear firmer. Also, I just really love the smell of coffee!

IMG_20150109_224643Things you need:
– Coffee (I used beans!)
– Coconut Oil
– Brown sugar (optional)

Coffee: I opted for beans because I had a bag left over & I like being able to pick the consistency. I wanted it more coarse for the scrub effect. You can recycle ground coffee as well. It’s completely based on preference.

Coconut Oil: Used to replenish the moisture in skin. It also helps heal dark spots and keep skin soft. I use organic coconut oil that I also use for my hair. Also, it smells amazing!

Brown sugar: I used coarse sugar, it serves the purpose as the coffee in terms of scrub. This is optional.  IMG_20150110_093729Mix it all together. I suggest starting off with the coffee, add sugar and lastly add the coconut oil. Trust your senses. The combination smells amazing but its entirely up to you how much coffee or coconut oil you want to add. I mixed it with my hands to check consistency.

You can just store the scrub in a mason jar but I opted to make cubes because it’s easier to use and less messy.

I then put the yummy smelling mixture into a silicone mold. I like these molds because it makes it easier to pop out of the tray later on. I put them in the freezer to let them set. IMG_20150110_104901IMG_20150110_105050

Once firm, I just popped them out of the tray! Look how pretty! You can use different shapes/sizes. I used 2 for a fantastic scrub bath 🙂 Keep in mind your shower will be a complete mess but it’s so worth it! My skin looks, feels and smells great! You can use these once a week or so.

The rest were stored in an air tight container & back in the fridge. Of course with a note on top, just incase 😉IMG_20150110_104940Smelling & feeling yummy,
Harmini Asokumar