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Browsing through an old craft blog I created, I stumbled upon this tutorial that I published 5 years ago. Valentine’s Day fortune cookies!

I made these as little party favours & decided I’d share it here as well. 1Step One: Choose the colour you want your paper cookie to be. I usually use textured brown paper, to make it look more realistic but since it’s for Valentine’s Day, I opted for pink instead. 2Step Two: Draw a circle onto the paper. The bigger the circle, the bigger the cookie. I used a mini Starbucks cup to get the circle because I wanted mine small. 3Step Three: Cut it out. Fold the circle in half, make sure you do not crumple or mess up the circle. 4Step Four: Hold the paper as shown in the picture. Make sure you do not press it down.56Step Five: Bring the two end sides together. When you do that, the middle part will fold in. If you want it to look more realistic, fold it slightly the off center, so it won’t be too perfect. I did mine right in the middle be & it’ll look like this: 78Step Six: Cut a strip of paper to write your fortune/love note on (mine was along the lines of “You are so lucky you have me!”) 😛 Make sure it’s small enough to fit inside the fortune cookie & long enough to be pulled out of it.910Step Seven: Place the note inside & try bending to see how it looks like. Once satisfied, glue it down. 11Step Eight: Leave it to dry and then you are done! You can also create a little takeout box to put it in like this:12These are a great idea for a Chinese theme party, get together(s) & your options are only limited to your imagination!

Creating my own fortune,
Harmini Asokumar