I’ve used to freak out when photographed without my makeup. The acne scars, uneven skintone & those horrible eyebags were flaws I something I never wanted people to see. Funny how I no longer care and this is exactly what I look like every single day when I go to work. Zero makeup but maximum confidence.

I learnt to love the skin I am in because my looks do not define me. I’m wayyy more than that & I’ve had such amazing women in my life who ensured I knew that. Counting my blessings in abundance

This international women’s day, @marieclairemalaysia will donate Rm10 to Women’s Aid Organization for every makeup less selfie. From today until the 30th of April, so get your selfie game on for a cause!

I nominate every single beautiful woman to take a selfie for this cause and help uplift another woman. Please take 5 minutes of your time and do your part for a bigger cause. Don’t forget to hashtag #mcwakeup2agoodcause 11064740_10152748065237058_1664508477910623010_n