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Because I’m in the running for girlfriend of the year, I decided to throw my Dhinasaur a belated Birthday & a congratulations for completing the 777 surprise party. To be honest, I’m an overly excited girlfriend and absolutely love finding ways to make an effort for the boyfriend. I started planning early January & finally was able to execute the whole thing.

Travel themed (because pilot!) & all the decorations were handmade by yours truly. It was so awesome being able to plan and make everything work. The whole night turned out to be a complete success especially thanks to the handful of people who helped me make it happen.20117_10152840658917058_1599061852692006276_nI couldn’t exactly dress fully in a travel theme and if you know me, I absolutely love dressing up for themed parties! I couldn’t help adding a little bit of travel aspect to my outfit &  got myself a World Map necklace.


Cloud cupcakes by BITTER/SWEET. Yummiest cupcakes in life, ever! Each bite was so moist and chocolate-y, absolute mouthgasm. Do check her out for other treats too! I’m such a fan! 11163862_10152840254172058_8542654073217607325_n

I managed to diy paper plane cupcake toppers. I had to re-learn how to make paper airplane. Funny how sometimes you forget the easiest things!11128790_10152840254132058_8945602498134188999_nObsessed with tiny details, I even brought my own paper straws for the drinks and made the waiters use them. Very obliging they were, big thanks to Swag Bar PJ! 11174996_10152840154502058_7179355531701404796_nThe table centerpiece was a handmade globe & I’m so happy with how it turned out! Styrofoam base painted to look like wood with a large Christmas ball ornament painted in blue and cut outs in gold paper stuck on it. For a little extra, more paper airplanes from a recycled book. 11165097_10152840254517058_5112740302635962339_n11152688_10152840254382058_6810357427028521759_nI made goodie bags for everyone who came for the dinner. Cardboard boxes that were initially planned to be made into luggages but turned into travel boxes instead. Each box was different and decorations on the box were done by me using stickers & Washi tapes. 11159487_10152840254312058_8362283891985196122_nEach goodie bag had a passport cover, shot glass, ‘inflight snacks’ of peanuts and a customized Thank You note designed by wonderful and talented TRIXINC. Here’s the actual note; 10553395_10152840297912058_6423486049165895899_nThe night turned out more special than I could’ve asked for thanks to these people; 1926741_10152840659012058_1669143017707993648_n  & most importantly because I managed to surprise the love of my life; 11147024_10152839313732058_290959659377682961_n

More surprises & memories to be made,
Harmini Asokumar