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“Inspired by all things Indian, Chammak is a fun and quirky online store that will bring happiness to your doorstep!”. This is how Chammak KL describes their brand, and quite rightfully so! Mixing different types of Indian cultures and styles is what makes this brand something I absolutely love!

Having stumbled upon them on Instagram, it was my good fortune that I found a brand who’s owner Jesheila, believed in many similar things as I personally do. Especially when it comes to blending traditions and culture and making it relevant with today’s fashion trends.

I ended up purchasing quite a few items from them & here are the reviews of each item separately;

Photo 3-25-15, 8 20 54 PMPhoto 4-17-15, 10 40 15 AMYellow Skirt. When I saw this, I fell in love and had to have it! Yellow like sunshine, flowy and gorgeous embroidery work done; It fit me perfectly! However it was sheer so it had to be worn with an inner skirt or leggings. Not much of a fan of layering my bottom wear, so personally not really what I had expected.

Alternatively, sewing inner lining would be an option as well which was suggested when I spoke to Jesheila about it being sheer. Great customer service and efficient replies, I love it when a business owner knows the importance of these things.

Photo 3-25-15, 4 04 39 PMPhoto 4-17-15, 10 39 38 AMMetal Stone Clutch. I have an intense love for crystals and all things with intricate detailing, this was a must-have in my books! It is fairly small but enough for me to fit my phone, some loose change, ID, lipstick and a pack of tissue! Perfect for a special occasion or for people who don’t carry a million things in their bags (like I do!).

Photo 4-17-15, 10 40 44 AM

Gold Handchain. Making accessories & collecting them as well have always been a passion of mine. This is one piece I absolutely am glad I have in my collection! This hand chain screams boho-chic when paired with my day-to-day wear but manages to beautifully transform itself into Indian goddess jewelry when I wear it with sarees. Photo 4-30-15, 8 26 21 PMPhoto 4-30-15, 8 15 44 PMColourful Clutch. This is probably my most favourite piece I own! Clutches are very much my thing and this particular one doubles as a handbag as well (there’s an attached string inside). Let’s take a second here to bask in the beautiful colours and textures of this piece! Intricate thread work with mirror details and to top it off, colourful tassel pom-poms for an added ethnic vibe.

The best part about Chammak is that most of their products can be worn with daily wear to achieve the boho-chic look but also transforms and works equally as well with traditional outfits such as sarees. I can’t help but fall in love with the look, feel and honesty of this brand. I’m pretty sure you will too!

Check out all these wonderful items at:
Chammak Facebook or on Instagram @chammakkl

With Chammak happiness in my closet,
Harmini Asokumar