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Having difficult skin and testing tons of products (bye-bye hard earned money!) led me into a path of making my own, using only organic and natural ingredients. After much studying and research taking place, Deeper Than Beauty was born;Β DTB logo

“If it’s natural and comes from Mother Nature, it should be good for you”. That was my initial thought when I first embarked on this adventure of natural products and how wrong was I! After doing research, just natural products aren’t enough to ensure it’s safe, however organic natural products are what you should be looking out for. The idea behind organic ingredients are that they are of high quality and no form of chemicals were used to help grow or make them.

Due to 60% of what is applied to your skin is absorbed into your blood stream, and into your system. Feeding your skin the good stuff helps cut down and eliminate doses of chemicals from entering your body. Chemical based products have been altered to save cost, and emphasizes on luxury, convenience as well as longevity as opposed to health. Organic natural products however focus on health, producing long term results and inducing less harmful ingredients.

The idea behind Deeper Than Beauty is to enable your skin to feed on the good stuff, making you feel beautiful on the insides (literally!) as well as the outside. Each product will be carefully tested (on willing human participants!) because all our products are;Β PETA_Logo& no cute, cuddly animals were harmed during the making of the products πŸ™‚ There will be no compromising on quality and will only give your skin the very best (because it deserves only the best!)
11391379_10152964389517058_7601487386345571391_nCurrently in the midst of creating different types of ‘magic’ potions and ensuring it’s perfected before it’s released for sale. From face masks, lipbalms, soaps, scrubs & bath bombs, (to name a few) as well as importing makeup tools and such, Deeper Than Beauty aims to promote and feed your skin the good stuff, and for you to embrace your own kind of beautiful, any way you want to.

I can’t wait to go on this adventure with you.
I hope you are excited too πŸ™‚

A start of something magical,
Harmini Asokumar