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Mermaid’s Margarita Lipbalm is ready for YOU! My first ever organic beauty creation and something I am extremely proud of.

This homemade lipbalm is packed with moisturizing goodness that will keep your lips hydrated in this hot weather. As an added bonus, it’s also refreshing due to its fruity margarita scent. Guaranteed to keep your lips soft and your senses happy.11412214_436672989839082_3886769866280587554_nThe goodness packed in the little tube includes shea butter, beeswax and avocado oil. With no compromises in the quality of products (as well as mermaid magic), this lipbalm is not to be missed out on.10480226_436670749839306_7846921690687361952_nBut that’s not all, the first batch of Mermaid’s Margarita lipbalm will be sold at a launch discounted price & come in a super cute little bag; 11666164_437143769792004_618197596865117054_n

Can’t wait for YOU to try it,
Harmini Asokumar