If I had a dollar for every time I come across a rude customer, I’d be rich!

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As much as I believe customer service is crucial, I also believe that you treat people the same way you want to be treated. This concept somehow is foreign to some people (read: some, not all) and it can get really frustrating especially when dealt with on a daily basis.

I’ve always used Facebook (& now Instagram) as a means of selling my products only because there’s some what of a personal touch to it; the customers can have conversations with me to fully specify their needs, wants and I can assist them along the way. The idea was to establish a more friendly, easy going approach, but with that being said, I sometimes regret this decision due to customers with a tendency to be rude.

Here’s a rough idea of “Customers Say The Darnest Things” & how a customer could actually word it since the person on the other side of the computer replying is actually a human being with feelings and a stomach to feed too.

“Why must I pay within 24 hours? I think you should change your policy. No thank you for your impatience, I didn’t even see the message”
– I didn’t see this message when it was sent. Is it okay if I proceed to make payment today as I didn’t know you have a 24 hour policy.

& to be honest, I wonder why a customer feels like its his or her place to teach me how to my business as there are obviously terms and conditions for a reason. It’s either you want it or you don’t. Kind of like how you can’t walk into Forever 21 and tell them to keep something for you and you’ll go make the purchase for it as and when you feel like. Online shopping is still shopping. Some people tend to forget that.

“I know the item is RM75, but I will pay RM50 because it’s expensive”.
I have a budget of RM50, is it possible for me to get something similar at that rate? 

My prices are none negotiable. Please don’t tell me you’ll pay me less than what the original product is worth.

“I’ve purchased items from you before so now you need to give me a discount”
I’ve made several purchases before and was hoping I could get a discount on this one?

Believe it or not, sometimes when I can I oblige to this request when asked nicely. Sometimes I even offer a discount to returning customers who I remember.

It’s come to a point where I no longer just delete the messages but instead make a conscious effort to let the customer know why my terms are as such and that I do not appreciate rudeness. Let’s face it, I can only hope that they understand how they come across and make an effort to be kinder the next time around.

For every one rude customer, I’ve been blessed with a dozen completely amazing ones & for them, I am thankful that they are courteous, kind and well mannered. Keep up the good vibes.

Treat people how you’d like to be treated,
Harmini Asokumar