I have an ongoing love affair with Uber. I don’t drive and since I work from home, don’t  need a car. With safety being a priority as well as good service, Uber has always been my option of transport and will continue to be so.

With that being said, I love that they always up their ideas on how to promote it. This time around, since Malaysia Day was on the 16th of September, Uber has been transforming parking lots in and around Kuala Lumpur and Petaling Jaya into green parks for a chillout space. Seriously though, how cute is this?!


The idea behind UberPark is an initiative by Uber Malaysia to get people to imagine what a space could look like if there is one fewer car on the road. As shown above, how a parking lot look like if there was no car, but a park instead.

To find out more about the next UberPark location, follow #UberPark. This is definitely something you don’t wanna miss out on!