Running my own businesses and juggling a bunch of freelance work basically means I don’t get to escape for holidays as much as I’d like to. Due to this reason, I’ve made a pact with myself to make an effort to take days off and indulge in staycays in KL city. & since I got so many inquiries on this one on my Instagram, here are the details of my first KL staycay of the year 🙂

188 Private Suites is nestled in the heart of KL and provides all the features anyone travelling in the city needs. The unit was super spacious which was great and provided me & the homegirl ample room to dance around;


28584287_10155514880057058_1158406139_o 28641149_10155514880047058_2114402476_o

There’s something about hotel beds and their gorgeous white sheets (that my makeup and cat would destroy in minutes) that really makes it feel like luxury. Top it off with fluffy, cuddle worthy pillows and I’m set for some perfect relaxed slumber.
Let’s also take a second and appreciate the minimalistic decor that was so chic and tastefully done using only monochromatic greyscale tones that give it a modern yet classic aesthetic as a whole. 28584318_10155514880242058_1377405282_oScreen Shot 2018-03-06 at 6.26.40 PM.png
Here’s my favourite part about any hotel/vacay room – the bathroom. It’s almost a sin to not have a bathtub. There’s nothing like soaking in a bubble filled bath, while letting the warm water (or hot in my case) wash away the stress of the day, whilst getting lost in your own thoughts.
28641381_10155514879877058_1971442291_o    28640694_10155514880267058_2094330238_oThe basic amenities are provided but that doesn’t include a toothbrush and toothpaste so keep in mind that you should bring those along. Oh, and bubble bath soap because necessary, of course 🙂


There’s a walk in wardrobe that almost gave me Sarah Jessica Parker vibes (minus actually having designer or couture clothes to fill it & I’d like my very own Mr.Big too please. Kthxbye ). Did I mention the huge vanity that I absolutely need at home;28583920_10155514880137058_396792899_o

No holiday vibe is complete without a water feature of some sort, and this swimming pool doesn’t disappoint. The (self proclaimed) mermaid approved pool has these beautiful dark chrome blue tiles that makes for Instagram-worthy picture taking.
28641096_10155514879972058_825352635_o26219799_10155509542982058_6491551852786169525_n28580364_10155514879962058_1368951633_o28579712_10155514879892058_1450132731_oThe icing on top of this KL staycay is this amazing view from the sky-deck that makes me fall in love with the city all over again;
If you want a break and still want to enjoy the beauty and comfort KL city has to offer, you can check this place out HERE!
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