Having been to Bali several times before, I think it was this exact trip that I truly felt connected & fell in love with the place. The whole trip had a perfect mix of good food, shopping & sightseeing, culture & beaches, & most importantly, an easy to travel with companion. Good vibes all around 🙂

Having been to Seminyak & Kuta, several times where its usually a more crowded scene, we decided to check out Nusa Dua instead for some peace & quiet. I would usually opt for a nice AirBnb to stay in, but we managed to snag a really good deal on Agoda for Bali Nusa Dua hotel which I’ll forever be thankful for.

Nusa Dua was absolutely gorgeous. Like most of Bali, the aesthetics of the place was beyond, but because its a more secluded area with not as many people, the whole vibe was something else entirely.

IMG_4140 IMG_4141

& then there’s the Bali Nusa Dua Hotel that I absolutely love;


The customer service was on point, the ambience of the space, all of it was ace. I also indulged in their aromatherapy oil massage which was much needed!

For food around the area, I cannot recommend this place enough. Its hands down my favourite place in Bali & I wish I could have just lived there. Manarai Beach House by Sofitel Nusa Dua is magic. So magical in fact, that we spent two nights there for dinner and drinks.

Just because this is a worthy mention, if you’re going to the beach house, take the longer walk which is closer to the beach itself because lucky us, we saw a turtle come up to lay eggs. One of the highlights to my trip 🙂


Day one, we got beach bed thats by the pool which is by the sea (first picture). The pictures don’t do the place any justice so I have videos up on my Instagram highlights to make up for it.

Day two, it started to drizzle so we couldn’t get the beach bed 😦 but managed to get this equally amazing gazebo cabana with a comfy huge sofa and decorated so tastefully.

The mellow buttery smooth music that complimented the gorgeous space was on point. I Shazam-ed my way through their playlist & now I have my own Bali Spotify playlist (drop me a message if you want it!)

Let’s talk about the food. Food, oh glorious food. Hands down the best meals I’ve had in Bali. Everything we tried was on point.

The Manarai sushi rolls come very highly recommended packed with crab, salmon and avocado. I went with the Balinese classic of Nasi Campur Bali – Hainanese rice, crispy pork, satay, cracklings, sambal matah & lawar. Seriously ah-may-zing.
IMG_4148If you love fish like I do, the Jimbaran style whole red snapper (that feeds two) is a must! The fish was incredibly fresh and the sauce was so good. It came with a side of vegetable which was equally as good.

As for the cocktails, I tried the C-Cup’s – Coconut sorbet, coconut water, homemade vanilla syrup & vodka. So refreshing and delicious. Also let’s take a moment & appreciate the presentation of it all.

IMG_4149I like me some bubbly so the Girlfriend, Yes! – coconut sorbet & sparkling wine was a great choice. The sorbet itself is amazing.

& on to dessert. This divine affogato frozen yogurt with Nutella and granola was the perfect end to any meal. Take my word for it because I never joke about food, Manarai Beach Club is an absolute must! It gets 5 stars for food, customer service & ambience.

No trip to Bali is complete without a trip to the beach, and by far, Mengiat Beach is probably my favourite here. There’s a main area where you’ll have food outlets and see tons of people sunbathing &  getting ready to surf but I like my beach with a lot of peace and quiet – I took a long walk to a more secluded area & look how gorgeous!

IMG_4150 PSA: When you go on beach strolls, help clean up along the way. I know some people find it gross to pick up another person’s trash but honestly, in the long run you’re doing our gorgeous beaches a huge favour by wanting them to remain gorgeous. Every little bit helps 🙂

IMG_4151I’m actually not quite sure why I bother packaging clothes when I go to Bali because I end up shopping for a weeks worth, wearing everything new I’ve bought & not having baggage space. Lesson learnt – pack very light because Kuta has tons of clothes, especially if you’re like me and wear flowy, bohemian beach wear all the time.

Kuta is about 40 minutes away from where we stayed, so we just took a Grab to do some shopping and (mostly) eat.
IMG_4153Benih Cafe is fairly hidden, but very cozy and their smoothie bowls are so damn good. Definitely worth trying if you’re around Kuta area.

If  you want something with more of a local flavour, PLEASE go to Nasi Pedas Ibu Andika. Its been recommended to me by so many friends and it did not disappoint in terms of flavour and especially pricing.

IMG_4154Its basically nasi campus style where you get to pick what you’d like from the variety of dishes they have, and keep in mind that the sambal is actually really spicy. I got a tad overambitious and ended up downing two Teh Botol (which is also great by the way).

If you like burgers, Big Boss is a must try! I’ve had it twice before & I had to have it this time around too.
IMG_4155 I’m not much of an alcohol drinker, and I usually enjoy light drinks that doesn’t give you the alcohol taste. I’d recommend trying these while you’re in Bali;

We did a day visit to Seminyak as well to check out some of the really hyped places I’ve seen on social media.
IMG_4165Just like I remembered it from my last trip, Seminyak is a prime tourist spot which means tons of people, as well as higher end places to eat and shop.

I checked out the very Instagram worthy Kynd Community & true enough, everything about it was picture pretty.
IMG_4166The food was good, but I wouldn’t entirely go back just for the food. A lot of pretty spots to take pictures though. I almost regretted not having a change of clothes to do some OOTD (read: outfit of the day) shots.

Right next to the cafe, they have their vegan ice cream shop which I loved.
Indulged in the super yummy coconut chocolate ice cream before heading over to Potato Head Beach Club, another very aesthetically driven place.
IMG_4168I loved how creative the structure was & how pretty it all was, however it was too crowded for my liking. I’d probably go again if it was a bigger group who wanted to party and people watch.


If you’ve been following me on social media for awhile now, or have read my previous posts, you’ll know I’m a huge AirBnB fan. It has truly made traveling so much easier and cheaper, and I firmly standby how much I love it. This time instead of accommodation, I booked an experience instead & it was so worth it because I got to see the beautiful main attractions Bali has to offer.

It was quite a drive from Nusa Dua to visit these places, but our guide picked us up on time and briefed us as he drove. The drive to each attraction itself was so scenic, that it made up for the time spent in the car.



Pura Lempuyang Temple is one of the oldest and most sacred Balinese Hindu temples on the island. When it isn’t so cloudy (like it is in the picture), you can actually see Mount Agung in the distance & it’s absolutely breathtaking.


When we got there it was during their prayers so it was fairly crowded but that made the entire experience more memorable for me. The Balinese women clad in their gorgeous body fitting Kebayas (that I regret not buying) & the men with their sarongs and headgear, carrying offering as they hike up (yes, it was quite a hike) to the temple to pray.

We were given sarongs as well, and a shawl for me to cover my shoulders. I had prior to this seen this place on social media with so many girls dressed in different types of outfit but I rather stay respectful as it was temple grounds. If you do end up visiting, make sure your shoulders and knees are covered 🙂


The former royal palace of Tirtagangga (which means water of the Ganges, Hinduism’s holy river) features tiered fountains, gardens, and stone sculptures of mythical creatures spouting water into bathing pools.

It was so well kept, with lush greenery and huge fishes in the pond that you can feed.
IMG_4160 After being surrounded by all that water, it was only natural for me to want to get in water as well, especially on such a hot day. A short drive and hike (fairly easy) led us to Tukad Cepung waterfalls.

IMG_4161The walk to the waterfalls itself isn’t all that bad unless you have a fear of heights like me. It took me awhile but I finally got there to see all the beauty it had to offer as well as the gorgeous light rays that spilled through. The main waterfall itself has turned into a photoshoot spot where tourists (and me) lined up to take pictures after which we just walked around for a bit.

On the other side, is a smaller waterfall, just as beautiful if you ask me, that I managed to actually spend some time at.


After the waterfall adventure (where I found a baby python swimming past me so beautifully in the water), it was time for food.

Ubud is known for their bebek & our guide took us to this incredibly gorgeous place that served some really good bebek;
IMG_4164 There was more to the tour but we decided against it because we didn’t want to strain ourselves and just be able to enjoy Bali, so we opted to leave right after.

If you’re ever in Bali & want to check out the experience, I’d definitely recommend it. Click HERE for the link.

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There so much to Bali I haven’t seen yet so I’m definitely going to make a trip back there. Any recommendations of what I absolutely must see and experience, drop it at the comments below 🙂