If you’re one of those people who don’t believe in the law of attraction, this story may just change your mind. Having been incredibly bummed about not being able to revisit Bali again for my yearly solo travel due to the pandemic, like a broken record I kept talking about Bali and how much I miss it. The Universe heard this & thanks to AirBnb I found the next best thing a few hours away from KL city in Melaka.

Safety first of course, I dropped the Airbnb host a message to check if the space has been cleaned and sanitised before making up my mind. Jacky (the host) assured me of the entire process, explained every inquiry I had & made the entire process an incredibly smooth one. He is also a Superhost with more than 10 guests who have given him “Clean and Tidy” recognition for his Airbnb home. To give peace of mind for guests amid pandemic concerns, Jacky also adheres to the stringent Airbnb guidelines including the recently introduced Enhanced Cleaning Protocol, a detailed guide for cleaning and sanitization endorsed by the Malaysian Medical Association (MMA).


Behold the incredibly wonderful Samaya Villa. This gorgeous place transported me to Bali as soon as I stepped out of the car – it was love at first sight, sound and smell. The soft traditional Balinese music, the aroma of fresh incense, and I mean, just take a look at it! Immediately my heart skipped a beat, and just like that – it felt like home. It felt like Bali. Words aren’t enough to describe my levels of happy.

Here’s a tour of this bit of Bali nestled in Melaka. Prepare to “ohhh!” & “ahhh!” at how beautiful, well-kept & aesthetically pleasing the entire villa is. Every room & corner Instagram-worthy;



The outside is filled with greenery and tropical plants, lots of wooden details & a gorgeous well-kept koi pond & once you step in, check out this gorgeous spacious living room that it not only perfectly equipped with all the amenities you can imagine, but also staying true to the Balinese design aspects;


The living space has many doors to allow easy access to different parts of the villa & I got the cutest little surprise in form of two bunny friends hopping around the outside area when I opened up the sliding door that led to the walkway to the pool;IMG_6521IMG_6525IMG_6524

Behold the beauty that is the Samaya Villa swimming pool which is probably where I ended up spending most of my time because honestly, who wouldn’t?


I thought the surprises would end there but the rooms were huge & the master bedroom that I stayed in had a fantastic bathroom;



Now that you’ve probably fallen in love with Samaya Villa and wishing you were there (like I am right now as I sit at home writing this), here’s my promo code that you can use to sign up if you’re a first time user to get up to RM250 off your first stay.


Now that I’ve enticed you to take a holiday, let’s move on to the things to see and do in Melaka city itself.

As most of us were still vary of the virus and wanted to avoid crowds, we hardly left the villa so please excuse the lack of places I have to showcase but also take into consideration these places I’ve mentioned are worthy of checking out (or else I wouldn’t share). 

First up, Budi – a quaint speakeasy bar that serves carefully crafted luscious cocktails made with the freshest unique local produce. The space was filled with authentic Malaysian designs with a hipster twist.


Next up, this cafe called The Baboon House is truly a must visit for burger fans! I loved (yes, loved) the burgers I tried there and was almost tempted to revisit again the next day before leaving!

The whole open space concept with quirky decor and painting, wild growing foliage and old skool photographs added to the entire ambience.




If you enjoy coffee & some good dessert, Heesan Kopi is worth checking out. I tried their pandan gula Melaka cake and am a fan. 


Malacca city on its own has so many little charming qualities that’s hard to miss. From the architecture & walkways with gorgeous tile work, there’s art everywhere.


This is the perfect opportunity to cuti-cuti Malaysia and help build the tourism in our own country. Stay safe & happy exploring Malaysia!