I had the opportunity to attend the 6th International Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. The fiesta is the sixth installment of the internationally recognized hot air balloon fiesta. After missing the first few years and all the rave reviews, 2014 was the year I told myself I absolutely needed to check it out & I did!

My favourite part of the entire fest were the bubbles! Yes. at the hot air balloon fiesta, my favourite part was the giant bubbles ;
IMG_20140330_213026There was an allocated area where you can rent bubble blowing equipment, or even buy a set to take him. I bought a set that was inclusive of a wand (for big bubbles), two types of bubble solution and a bowl for RM25.


IMG_20140331_011538PhotoGrid_1396190277946& spent the rest of the day playing with bubbles. There’s something incredibly relaxing about it, watching the rainbow swirls in the bubbles as it floats. A little bit of magic 🙂

PhotoGrid_1396190241683IMG_20140330_204638To further make me happy, there were these huge rainbow flower windmills almost as big as I am! It was such a cute addition to the bubble area.

After finishing up my bubble-blowing session, we did a stroll around the Putrajaya park as the sun was setting. There were tons of people since the event was open to public and was free admission. Also, the place was crawling with activities, food stalls and families enjoying their weekend out.

I opted to enjoy the company I was with & nature instead;


I loved the whole concept of the picnic area. Doof beanbags, picnic mats and a 3 piece band to entertain the crowd.

Ended up watching the hot air balloons from a deck-like building by the lake. Probably one of the best views to see the balloons up in the air;
IMG_20140330_210433IMG_20140330_224658I was pretty disappointed with the lack of hot air balloons in the air due to the weather, but the overall experience was a good one.

I’d probably go again next year, maybe I’ll get a chance to actually go in a hot air balloon then.