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For the longest time, I have been obsessing over mermaid/rainbow hair. I was never fully happy with my hair length for it, so I let my hair grow and as it grew, I did my research on where to get my hair done. After looking at several places, I was sold when I saw my beautiful My Little Pony friend Audra, had vibrant rainbow hair. She told me she got it done at Number 76 in Bangsar. 

I kept that in mind, but didn’t make any plans to get my hair done at that point of time. As it was nearing my birthday, I decided it would be the perfect gift to gift myself. Mermaid hair. For the self-proclaimed Indian mermaid. How fitting! & as fate would have it, another friend Shobini posted a picture of her hair done by Shaun at Number 76. Immediately after I checked his work, and gave him a call.

Went in for consultation, where he got to see my hair length, texture and colour for himself before quoting me a price as well as advising me on how we would go about this. What really sold me was when he saw the samples I gave him, he told me; “This will take time, it’s not just hair, it’s art”. That’s exactly what it is; art.

The end result, was magical;IMG_20140716_184326

It started off with him bleaching my hair. Yes, bleaching had to be done to get the full vibrancy of the colours against my black, black hair. He initially thought I had henna’ed my hair black because it was so dark. He also explained the full process of the bleaching and how it would affect my hair long term.IMG_20140717_120939It turned a yellow-ish shade after bleaching. Double bleaching can be done for extra vibrancy of the colours but I opted against it in fear of over-damaging my hair. Being quite a hair-virgin, I wasn’t ready to take that risk.IMG_20140717_120826I asked for a blend of pink, turquoise and purple. They use a product that is pretty well known in the market, so I wasn’t worried one bit. I just sat there and let Shaun work his magic!

After the colouring, I did the Ultra Sonic treatment. Its to further ensure your hairs strength as well as keeping it soft after the bleaching. They use a straightener kind of instrument which vibrates when in contact with water. Zero heat involved, and I’m sure because they made me touch it. It also came with some conditioner like mask for me to bring home to maintain my hairs softness. He also added some layers to my hair to make the colours look more obvious 🙂 The whole process took about 2 and a half hours.
IMG_20140716_230915IMG_20140717_121155Overall, I would completely recommend this place with its pretty & stylish decor, friendly staff and of course, Shaun (who was so much fun to talk to and was patient when explaining everything to me!). The price is slightly steep, but hey, you pay for quality 🙂

I suggest for further inquiries to personally contact Shaun himself, as he can recommended and advise based on your hair needs. Each and everyone’s hair works differently so its best to get feedback on what works for you! You can find Shaun on Instagram; IMG_20140716_213813

Or you can just give him a call at: 012-245 6055. Tell him I sent you over, you might get a better price 😉