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largeWhen it comes to lipsticks, I’m constantly on the look for colours and shades that compliment my dark skin. I don’t believe in having rules when it comes to makeup, but I do believe in makeup hacks that will help you find what’s best suited for you. Though wearing lipstick may seem like something that should come naturally, there are several aspects that have to be taken into consideration. Here are some of the tips & tricks I personally use when it comes to lipsticks & lip-care;

1.Picking the right shade.
The back of my hand turns into a swatch palette every time I walk into Sephora or any makeup store. This however is not an effective way of knowing exactly what works best on your face, but helps with finalizing the colours you want to try and also testing the textures of the lipstick. I have darker pigmented lips which means I need a proper high coverage lipstick to make it look good. Trying on the back on my hand helps me see what sort of coverage the lipstick can potentially give.

As an example this lipcolour when swatched on the back of my hand had very good coverage as opposed to on my lips;
2015-05-09 23.13.51

The best way to see what suits your lips, is by actually trying it on your lips. However when it comes to testers, it’s not really something most people are comfortable with trying. I carry makeup wipes, so I wipe of a layer before testing. Alternatively you can just use a tissue and wipe it clean before trying. Most makeup stores already provide tissue for you, making it easy to try on & easy to remove.

2.Exfoliate those lips.
I have a ritual of little things I need to do before I get my makeup done and exfoliating my lips before I wear lipstick is one of them. Having dry lips that crack easily, make lipstick look messy and uneven. I have two ways of exfoliating my lips:

  • I use Vaseline for about 5-10 minutes and then gently scrub it off using a baby toothbrush (because of it’s super soft bristles and small size).
  • Alternatively, I make a homemade lip scrub using a teaspoon of honey and sugar, again gently scrub.2015-05-09 23.15.06

This helps with removing the dead skin and exposes the soft lips underneath. Lip exfoliation should be done weekly to ensure your lips become moist which definitely helps with lipstick application & also to help remove lipstick stains when you want to remove it. Moisturizing your lips after brushing your teeth before bed is a great way to keep your lips healthy. I’m a sucker for the EOS lipbalm, feels good & tastes good too;2015-04-20 08.04.36EOS stands for Evolution Of Smooth, which is a perfect name for this product that does exactly that! It provides moisture to the lips without being sticky & also has a sweet after taste. I got mine from It’s All About Charity. They have a large range of flavours and the best part? All proceeds go to charity!

3.No more lipstick on teeth!
This is a common thing that happens. You get all dolled up, and then bam! Lipstick stain on your teeth when you least expect it. This can be prevented by putting a finger in your mouth, closing your lips around it and gently pulling it out (sounds so sexual, I know but this trick works!). Any residue of lipstick will stick onto your finger and all you need to do is wipe it off. No more embarrassing moments of having lipstick on your teeth!2015-05-09 23.18.21

4.Set It.
Help your lipstick have a longer life span by setting it. Once you’ve applied the lipstick on your lips, blot it, reapply and then hold a tissue over your lips and dust translucent powder over it gently. This enables the powder to gently go through the tissue and help sets your lipstick the same way it does the makeup on your face. No translucent powder? No problem, baby powder works just as well but make sure it’s an extra light coating.

5. Lipliner Lipstick. 
Sometimes my lipliners double as lipstick, and they last longer too! There are times when I fall in love with a specific lipliner colour and am unable to find a lipstick that works with it, so this is my alternative. Just use the lipliner as a base by lightly colour it in, apply a small dab of balm (to keep it smooth and not dry out), then use your fingers to smudge it to give a finishing look.  2015-05-09 23.12.42

Lip game strong,
Harmini Asokumar