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I bought a whole load of gemstones & crystals, and got a book on Minerals and Gemstones from my bestfriend’s lovely dad so I can study the uses and energy of each stone! So excited to learn about the new stones I got and create wearable magic with them!

First up, the Rainbow of Gemstones! 10926397_10152638968072058_22416812552489517_n

Semi-precious stones and crystals bracelet:

  • Red coral: energy flow and prosperity.
  • Orange quartz: enhances natural intuitive abilities.
  • Citrine quartz: physical, mental & emotional well-being.
  • Jade: Health, wealth & longevity.
  • Turquoise: Good fortune & peace.
  • Garnet: success and luck in love.
  • Clear quartz: patience & personal growth.
  • Onyx: releases negative flow. 

There’s so much more benefits and energy behind each stone, but this is the brief of it. Can’t wait to learn each and every single one.

The learning never stops,
Harmini Asokumar