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I’m all about short getaways to recharge from the hustle and bustle of KL city life. This round, it was Avillion, Port Dickson that I decided on. To be completely honest, Port Dickson was definitely not my first choice of a holiday destination due to its dirty sea water. However having stayed at Avillion before (ages ago with my family!) & asking around (or asking people on Facebook, to be more accurate) the feedback for this place was fairly good. 

I picked the water chalet (obviously!) & no regrets on my end. I absolutely loved it! Here are a few reasons why;

1. The view from the room. 2015-03-11 14.47.072015-03-06 16.05.122015-03-11 14.46.35The chalets are designed based on the concept of a traditional Malay fishing village. With that being said, you can open the doors to your balcony to enjoy the sea beneath and the blue skies above. The sea water at Port Dickson, however is questionable, depending on weather. Lucky for me, the water didn’t stink.

2. The cozy, gorgeous room.2015-03-11 14.46.052015-03-11 14.45.19Say hello to waking up to the sounds of the sea (& sometimes smell) in a room decked out with wooden furniture and fixtures, as well as stained glass windows that light up the room with a soothing vibe.

Also, it has an open bathroom concept while enables you to enjoy the view of the skies as you shower and also take a peak into the ocean.

3. More nature & pools of water.

2015-03-11 14.47.422015-03-11 14.48.322015-03-11 14.54.04The swimming pools are divine. There’s a really pretty one for families & a private adult pool that has a strict no kid policy. Also the decks are decked (see what I did there? :D) with frangipani flowers. Enjoy an evening stroll before going for a dip in the pool!

4. Animals up close!

2015-03-11 15.05.352015-03-11 15.06.322015-03-11 14.48.17There’s a petting area where you can feed, help shower and pet the animals. From little fuzzy bunny rabbits, to ducks and chickens running around, and beautiful peacocks showing off, you’re bound to be mesmerized and entertained!

5. Take a walk on the beach!

2015-03-11 14.51.55 (1)2015-03-06 18.07.382015-03-11 14.48.532015-03-11 14.53.412015-03-11 14.52.18This part is a little tricky & I’m not talking about the driving out of Avillion bit. The tough part is to scout for a fairly clean beach area. I went to the one near Bayu. The water was clear at the shore, there were shells, and the sand was soft. Definitely worthy for a short stroll and watch the sunset.

The following day, I headed in the opposite direction only to be completely put off after seeing noodles floating in the water and on the shore as well. *shudders.

There are night markets nearby on Saturday’s. It’s mostly Malay food and it’s pretty good! 

6. The balcony view from the room at night. 

2015-03-11 15.06.58Spending quality time while listening to the waves crash, enjoying the cold breeze. Perfection!2015-03-07 09.42.15

This picture was a necessity because “vacay-flower in hair” is a tradition I must uphold 🙂

There’s a good spa there as well, but I didn’t manage to accommodate to their timing so I gave it a skip.

Overall, definitely a good getaway. A great place if you just want to be around the good company of for friends, couples or even families since there’s tons of facilities to use for both kids and adults.

Mermaid on land,
Harmini Asokumar