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Constantly, I wish I had more than a pair of hands to work with. In fact, sometimes I feel like I do. Infusing my love for art, nature & the sea, as well as all elements that I find keep me sane, this artwork came to life;


I envisioned myself with 4 arms, enwrapped in all the beauty and elements of magic that keep my creative flow going. The beautiful and talented Thineswari of Trixinc brought my concept and idea to life. Exactly how I saw it in my head and explained to her the best I could, she used that and incorporated her own flair to it. The result as you can see, is magic.

This has nothing to do with religion, but more of the journey I have gone through with Deeper Than Fashion, learning new parts and pieces of myself. Implementing the elements I hold close to me;

Dreamcatcher in rainbow colours – the main product I make and sell that has led me to where I am, inching closer and closer to my dreams. Rainbow because it is my favourite colour, and I add colour to almost every work of art I produce. The ability colours have to chance almost anything, is the closest thing to magic.

The feathers – symbolic for travelling or the ability to move freely in life, the constant wanderlust of a free spirit. Additional to that, a peacock feather (considered a sacred animal in India) represents not just beauty, but also renewal due to it naturally replacing its feathers annually, a sense of continuous growth and change. 

Conch shell – due to its many symbolism but most importantly, my connecting to the ocean. I love holding shells up to my ear, being able to hear the waves of the ocean. This self proclaimed mermaid, needed to have a sea element and this was a perfect fit.

Lotus – “May I live like the lotus, at ease in muddy waters”. The lotus flower grows out of the mud and blossoms above the muddy water surface, symbolizing the ability to push past obstacles and trials, a constant battle everyone faces. 

Does it look too much like a goddess? I certainly hope so. As Francesca Lia Block once said, “Every girl is a goddess” and I for one, am all for that. Flower crown and all.

Having been a fan of Thines’ work for the longest time, I was thrilled when she took on the project with me. Her ability to turn anyone into a goddess and fine details she puts into her work, is amazing. Here is what a close up view on the artwork looks like, such intricate details;10335694_10152361604880169_30236400_n

10338964_10152361604890169_1257794697_n 10339005_10152361604885169_1677520456_nAlso, the illustration is an exact replica of my features. Even Facebook thinks so;

10323018_10152364140435169_1312232385_nThere’s nothing like having an artwork lingering in your mind, coming to life. & I have the wonderful artist Thines to thank for it. Do check out the rest of her amazing work HERE!