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In dire need of the hustle and bustle of city life, I decided it was time I treated myself for working so hard on a little escape. However due to time constraint, I had to opt for staying somewhere within Kuala Lumpur & was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon Villa Samadhi on this quest.

While going through pictures I found online, I was completely excited about being able to escape to a place that had a Balinese-Thai feel to it.

The reservations were fairly strict & not so customer friendly. Only with credit cards or a specific bank could you book a room. After booking was made (full payment), a confirmation letter is sent.

I loved the idea of being able to escape the city within the city, but of course that meant which trying to do so, getting stuck in the unpredictable city jam. For future references and in order not to waste precious time, I shall make a mental note to leave an hour earlier.

Thankfully, you can find the place quite easily using Waze. When we reached, there was strict security before you get in.

IMG_20140917_083011I was automatically taken by this huge Buddha statue. Peace, zen and all that, I found out that Samadhi means the highest level of meditation.

The entrance had some really cool water feature (which was off) and bowls that were meant for candles or decorations of some sort (also empty), so I wasn’t truly as impressed as I should’ve been but I kept up with the optimism in order to enjoy my retreat.

The welcoming committee was friendly and did a fantastic job. Definitely good PR. Also, we were welcomed with a honey ginger infused tea which was pretty yummy 🙂 Our view was even more yummy though! PhotoGrid_1410913634728PhotoGrid_1410913656024After signing in, we were escorted to the room. I booked the Crib room that was the cheapest at RM600++ per night. The room was beautiful with its rustic design with some modern twists.

The king sized bed was elevated on a platform, making it easier to view the tv on the other end. They also have a DVD player (upon request) for those who want to stay in and watch a good movie. PhotoGrid_1410914628890PhotoGrid_1410914615563There was also a day-bed which I thought was really pretty. However it served no purpose as there was no view outside the windows except a bunch of shrubs. I did sit there to make some accessories though, my own private work space.

Yes, I actually brought accessories to make while on a holiday -___-

PhotoGrid_141091464218110502319_10152366343872058_6601177338244394291_nIn between, they sent us snacks (traditional nyonya kuih and fruits). Also the range of teas that were provided in the room were fancy. TWG in an array of choices.

Unlucky me, I had to wait for the rain to stop before I could walk out to the swimming pool that had bed to lounge and be lazy after enjoying a dip in the water. PhotoGrid_1410914657649PhotoGrid_1410914672228There’s an in-house restaurant but didn’t look too interesting and the prices were out of my budget. The perk of being in the heart of KL? You’ll never run out of food options. The night ended with good food, drinks (my own) and some movies.

I love hotel/retreat breakfasts. Especially when there’s not time frame give. The idea is to let you enjoy your rest and wake up, take your time and then get some grub as and when you are ready. Definitely a plus point.

More than anything, I love pancakes! So when my free breakfast set had a pancakes option, I was really excited; PhotoGrid_1410914688069However was let down by the taste of it. Their homemade pineapple jam wasn’t up to standards and didn’t really go with the pancakes. Besides that, it was an okay meal.

All in all, the place was beautiful and we got great treatment. The downer was definitely the food. If you ever need a quick getaway that feels like you aren’t in KL anymore, I’d definitely recommend this place.