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After The Star interview previously, the photographer on set, Raymond Ooi called me up to ask me if I’d like to be the cover of the newspaper for a Christmas series. The catch however was that I had to create a tree completely decorated by recycled ornaments in less than 24 hours for the photoshoot. As I’m always up for a challenge to test my creativity levels, I decided to give it a go (after a panic attack, of course).

The end result was something I am so proud of;IMG_20141218_195628IMG_20141218_223910The flower ornaments were made from recycled crepe paper (from flowers I’ve gotten before) & the fan paper flowers were pages of an old book that was coming apart. IMG_20141218_231813The star was also done using paper but this time cardboard. Some weaving work was required but it was fairly simple. I may just make smaller versions of these for decorations in the future 🙂 IMG_20141218_231434IMG_20141217_230507These ornaments were made of jar lids! I had made some tinted mason jars previously, and these were leftovers from that. I just cover the area with PVA glue and stuck rhinestones in it to give it some extra sparkle. Alternatively I wanted to use cut up pieces of old CDs but didn’t have enough time to execute it. IMG_20141218_232433IMG_20141219_113229My favourite of them all, are these little sock snowmen I’ve created. Using socks and leftover craft materials, these little fellas were so easy and fun to do. I love how cute they are! IMG_20141218_234405It might just be a tradition in my household to have recycled materials turned into ornaments for a tree.

Making my Christmas a crafty one,
Harmini Asokumar