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When Deeper Than Fashion first started, it was known as Rainbow’s Doodles. I started off wanting to merely sell some of my handmade creations to raise money for concert tickets my parents didn’t want to fork out for. I’ll forever be grateful they didn’t. I never in my dreams expected it to turn out into what it is today and I can proudly say, all my hard work and dedication to my craft continues to pay off on a daily. Every day I wake up feeling blessed to be able to do what I love.

Taking a walk down memory lane, I can’t believe when I first started, these were my first few pieces;167878_163468920372635_2891983_n 168415_163469310372596_2605110_n 179028_163469130372614_978556_n 180052_163468940372633_8170681_nPerler beads or as I like to call them, Pixellettes (because they were pixelated, how incredibly clever of me :3). As creativity would have it, I embarked on a journey of learning new skill sets with brand new ideas and materials. 392625_281642431888616_940018818_n 316855_231087216944138_6617457_n 304411_231087230277470_5955607_nBeing a fashion student, I always had buttons lying around. I began to use those to create wearable art. Also, I had a fantastic time experimenting with tassels & fringe jewelry;405698_305566872829505_718868770_n

After which, I finally found my love for feathers. Lightweight, flowy and free, I created so many designs I’ve lost count. Here are a few of my personal favourites;242704_515417525177771_248155113_o 403070_299073740145485_307831529_n

429057_339332682786257_287632733_nSlowly I learnt new tricks with feathers, and I started painting on them;196429_446703455382512_1308251077_nHowever my most prized and favourite creations will always be… you guessed it, my dreamcatchers;402160_305566376162888_2120188939_n 408811_324080320978160_686081725_n 559866_517995334919990_2016805799_nAll the wonderful themes I created, all the magic these little pieces of jewelry provided, I can’t even explain how much joy its been to be able to go on this creative journey. The best part, creativity and ideas don’t run out. You can only evolve and become better. I truly believe I have improved over the years & promise to do so in years to come.

& I for one, am excited about it all 🙂 Thank you for being a part of my journey and growth. Here’s to a lifetime of art, happiness, love and dreams.